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What the F*** is going on in the Design Industry?*

A tale about Design, Design roles, and how everyone is bullsh*tting their way to success.

5 reasons your web design falls flat (& how to fix it)

Ultimately understanding your key users and responding to their needs and desires will lead to a site that is intuitive, logical, and delivers a user experience that will keep them coming back.

Aesthetic Usability: How Beauty Influences User Experience

In this article, we offer to discuss the role of beauty in user experience design: let’s check how it makes both users and businesses happy.

The Snug Typeface Finds Opportunities for Play in Its Negative Space

pprwrk studio Owner Mark Caneso is the designer behind Snug, an exuberantly weird font with fascinating terminal shapes. Its smart use of negative space adds a unique contrast to an otherwise bubblegum font, and each letter bursts with quirky personality while maintaining a strong legibility.

Introducing new variable MacPaw Fixel type

Fixel is a unique grotesque with a human touch

Figma, I love you but you’re bringing me down

Confronting the conflict between what’s possible and what’s practical

Accepting design

How can we redefine our expectations to match our purpose?  

Google Fi Just Underwent a Huge Rebrand

As Google Fi has matured, it has undergone several changes. It first started out by the name of Project Fi, before changing to Google Fi to appeal to a wider public. Now, another rebrand has come — and it’s coinciding with several other changes.

AI is about to kill creativity

AI has a massive disruptive quality on the creative sector. Is AI going to benefit us, or will it create a new dark age for innovation?

Woman is stunned to find out what the Travelodge logo actually is

Surprised social media star had always thought the image to be rolling hills…

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