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Google Fi Just Underwent a Huge Rebrand

As Google Fi has matured, it has undergone several changes. It first started out by the name of Project Fi, before changing to Google Fi to appeal to a wider public. Now, another rebrand has come — and it’s coinciding with several other changes.

AI is about to kill creativity

AI has a massive disruptive quality on the creative sector. Is AI going to benefit us, or will it create a new dark age for innovation?

Woman is stunned to find out what the Travelodge logo actually is

Surprised social media star had always thought the image to be rolling hills…

Slack Redesign: Enhancing Communication and Simplicity

I chose to redesign Slack, a popular messaging app, as my design project.

30 Black and white binary abstract transparent PNGs

30 transparent binary-inspired abstract design assets to give your next design a dystopian tech feel. Made with Spline design.

Adobe Illustrator’s new AI feature instantly switches the color palette of vector graphics

Vector Recoloring generates variations of vector images in different color schemes to help graphic designers select the best version for their project.

Collective #761

From the typography to the interactive elements, on Studiogusto everything is carefully crafted to create a seamless and visually stunning web experience. A clear winner this week!

Take a look at the very first long-term brand for Sundance Film Festival

Porto Rocha pays homage to the institution debuting indie titles like Get Out and Little Miss Sunshine with a 16:9-aspect-ratio logo.

Color Mechanics In UI Kits

In this article, Adel Khamatov shares a model of color mechanics that he came up with during research on developing UI kits and illustrates an approach to solving related problems with best practices.

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