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Behance vs. Adobe Portfolio: How Do They Compare?

Behance and Adobe Portfolio are the two main ways that Adobe has helped creatives share their work elsewhere. While both look quite similar on paper, they have a fair number of differences that you need to keep in mind.

Young designers can deal with rejection better

If design teams had a ceremonial initiation process, watching a stakeholder trash something that you’ve spent countless hours building would be it. But rejection is inescapable when we’re making multiple variants for every module of every single project, perpetually.

From type to logotype

Ah yes, the perennial question (or argument depending on your point of view) that provides endless nourishment for the design Twitterati and design influencers. It’s a moot discussion, of course, because—surprise—logos matter, maybe now more so than ever. Now that I’m on my soapbox, I’d like to argue that case, and explain through my own creative process how a successful logo is created, from the initial sketch right through to…

Insights from reviewing my readers’ one hundred and thirty-eight UX portfolios

Out of the 138 portfolios submitted, 125 was screened. If you’re part of the 13 that I didn’t review, it’s because you’re a UX writer, UX engineer or a UX consultancy business. I do not have the expertise to review portfolios for writers and engineers, and reviewing UX businesses is something I would not do for free (sorry).

Democratizing User Research to Innovate and Refine Digital Products

Empowering non-researchers to collect client feedback can pave the way to better products and customer retention.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome to Become a Confident Product Designer

It’s natural to feel like you don’t belong or that others may know more than you do. But that’s not true. This is what’s known as imposter syndrome and it can affect anyone, regardless of their skill level or experience.

How I increased my salary by 500% in my design career

I got my first job at 25. I was fresh out of college and really glad to have landed a job at a bank that had its headquarters in my hometown. They later told me that there were more than 150 candidates lined up for it. The salary was very good for the living standards in Slovenia back at the time but I left only 18 months later. I realised…

Mozilla Acquires Pulse, A Hybrid-Workplace Collaboration Company

Mozilla, publishers of Firefox, acquired the team behind AI-based workplace collaboration product Pulse, announcing that they will work on Mozilla’s growing portfolio of products.

How to Answer UX Job Interview Questions

Shine brightly in your UX job interviews by demonstrating stellar communication skills to common types of interview questions using STAR and METEOR.

The Big Problem With Spotify Wrapped

It’s a social media trend that survives year after year. And it thrives on your personal data.

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