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UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #33

Get inspired with new motion designs and creative UI interactions in our newest roundup, showcasing the latest works from talented artists on Dribbble.

Design Risks: How to Assess, Mitigate, and Manage Them

The risk-management process enables teams to assess risks during the design process in order to reduce harm to users and to the organization. Risk mitigation involves systematically reducing the likelihood or the impact of a risk.

4 Levels of Grids for Web Designers

Grids are a fundamental component of any design practice, and especially so when designing things for screens. There are (at least) four levels of grid use in interaction design.

Dynamic Interfaces

What if a UI could design itself?

11 HTML best practices for login & sign-up forms

In general, sign-in and login forms are very simple. For most websites, they feature just 2 inputs and a submit button. But, even with this simple HTML structure, many websites still have little mistakes.

Avoid these 7 mistakes when designing a landing page

Designing an effective landing page is no easy feat. There’s a lot you need to achieve with a simple but effective landing page. In this post, we’ve lined up 7 mistakes you should AVOID when designing a landing page.

Practical Design Tips And Guidelines For Beginner Designers

It’s easy for beginner designers to get overwhelmed and lose confidence when creating presentations, landing pages, app and web design mockups, and even cards. Laurent Baumann shares a few simple guidelines and practical tips to help you in such situations.

Collective #765

A captivating web experience by Zajno that not only showcases stunning interactions and inspiring layouts but also serves as a comprehensive guide to the art of motion design, emphasizing the importance of doing it right through abundant examples and insightful explanations.

WordPress 6.2.1 Update Breaks Shortcode Support in Block Templates

A support forum thread tracking the broken shortcodes issue shows that this change impacts how plugins display things like breadcrumbs, newsletter signup forms, WPForms, Metaslider, bbPress content, and more. The problem affects template blocks, not sites that are using non-FSE themes.

This WordPress plugin for Elementor leaves websites vulnerable to hackers

Update your plugin ASAP to close this security flaw that allows hackers take over vulnerable websites.

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