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Learn how to speak a new language like a local with Babbel Sponsored

Babbel is the top language-learning app that helps users start speaking a new tongue in just three weeks. That’s because Babbel goes far beyond just vocabulary; it’s about preparing to have real-life exchanges with locals through lessons. Take up to 55% off when you start your language learning journey today.

UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #28

Unlock your creativity with this latest collection of Dribbble shots featuring fresh animation and motion design inspiration.

Exploring the Beauty of silk textures through the 3D Art of Stu Ballinger

The series is a collection of mesmerizing 3d textures and lighting scenes rendered using Cinema4D. The series captures the beauty of exploring in a way that is both realistic and fantastical, with each piece featuring detailed renders, adorned with ethereal elements such as floating silk textures, and colorful lighting transitions. Ballinger’s use of color, light, and texture is masterful, creating a dream-like atmosphere that is both captivating and serene.

Microsoft to stop selling Windows 10 downloads on January 31st

Microsoft says it will stop selling downloads for Windows 10 Home and Pro licenses later this month. Windows 10 will continue to be supported until October 2025.

10 Common interview questions for a UX designer role

Landing a UX designer job requires a lot of hard work. Not only do you need a lot of preparation to get invited to the interview, but you also need to convince hiring managers that you’re the best candidate for this position. While it’s impossible to know beforehand what questions the interviewer will ask you, a few common questions come up frequently during UX designer interviews. This article will share…

The worst Macs of all time: from the Apple III to the 12-inch MacBook

Apple likes to portray its Macs as the best, most innovative computers in the world, so it can be easy to forget that the company has released some real stinkers over the years. Not every Apple computer has been a hit — some have been downright awful.

10 BEST YouTube Channels That Will Make You a UI/UX Design Pro

Whether you’re a designer, developer, or simply curious about user interface and user experience design, these channels offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. From tutorials and case studies to critiques and design trends, you’ll find a wealth of information to help you improve your skills and stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments. So without further ado, let’s dive into my top 10 picks!

Disclaimer Generator

A disclaimer generator tool is a great tool for website and app owners, as it allows them to easily create a disclaimer for their website or app. This is especially important for website and app owners.

This 1970s Nike manifesto is absolutely wild

Is a modern office really an office without inspirational quotes scrawled across the walls, on the stairway and in meeting rooms? These days, such quotes are part and parcel of office life, though it’s hard to know whether anyone ever does actually feel inspired by said maxims. We bet the ones in your office don’t quite stick in the mind as much as those in an old internal memo from…

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