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Learn how to speak a new language like a local with Babbel Sponsored

Babbel is the top language-learning app that helps users start speaking a new tongue in just three weeks. That’s because Babbel goes far beyond just vocabulary; it’s about preparing to have real-life exchanges with locals through lessons. Take up to 55% off when you start your language learning journey today.

The one thing missing from UX today? Hope

Vivianne Castillo argues that a designer’s relationship to hope has an outsized impact on their values, research, and practice.

10 Things No One Told Me About Design Systems

This UX designer learned the hard way, but you don’t have to.

Google turns to AI as it lays off 12,000 employees

Google now has plans to step up its introduction of AI products in the wake of highly popular technology competition, such as the AI chatbot ChatGPT developed by OpenAI, according to The New York Times.

TikTok confirms that its own employees can decide what goes viral

That the company promotes certain videos, sometimes to enhance relationships with creators and businesses, is no longer just an open secret.

Anatomy of a dazzling business email: 15 tips from creative and UX writing

Learn to use drama, information architecture, voice and tone, and more to rocket your business emails from boring to bombastic.

Here’s how freelancers can negotiate with courage

In order to negotiate better, freelancers need to learn to love the fear of asking for more.

How to use chatGPT for UI/UX design: 25 examples

The practical guide to include AI in your daily workflow

6 scary things ChatGPT has been used for already

The text generator from Open AI is imperfect at creating factually accurate or interesting writing, but it can create relatively appropriate text for just about any prompt in no time at all. That’s pretty remarkable. And even with a bevy of built-in filters, that can be pretty dangerous as well.

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