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Legally Boost YouTube Views and Get New Subs Sponsored

Get 10% off any campaigns on Prodvigate with code FF97BDFDEF. Official Google Partner. Trusted by over 14k YouTube creators and agencies. Start your campaign today!

Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (November 2022)

In this edition, we have several JavaScript libraries, some learning resources to level up your skills, and a couple of Deno-based tools.

20+ Designers I Follow on Instagram

I am sharing some of the designers I follow who have taught me many things about UX and UI design. Follow them to learn more about UX design.

There’s no fame in the design game

We spend a lot of time in design school studying the history of our profession and digging into the portfolios of successful designers from the past. The people that defined and shaped the early design landscape.

Formsly – Simple, intuitive, and powerful no-code form & survey builder (beta)

Formsly is a simple, intuitive, and powerful no-code form & survey builder. Create gorgeous fully responsive forms in minutes. Formsly is in early access beta. Get early access to by signing up for early access on the website.

How To Master The Art of Design Thinking As An Amateur Graphic Designer

People starting a new career where creativity is the central tenet of their job description can often succumb to forces working against their ability to just “turn on” the creative parts in their minds. S

Guess the prompt behind these AI-generated images

Behind every great AI-generated image is a great prompt. And a brand new online game lets you guess it.  

Why I gave up Pinterest & built my design library on Eagle

Many of my inspirations are stored in separate folders on Dribbble, Behance, and Pinterest, which don’t communicate with each other. Due to this, I am forced to manually download images from each of these sources into Miro.

Design System Breakdown: Button

The iteration of our buttons that I’ll be focussing on here are actually based largely on an earlier iteration of our design system. This first version had already done a lot to reign in the chaos of having no design

Cupfeed 2.0 – The new way to read your news and RSS feeds on iOS and macOS

Add your RSS feeds via the built-in search or directly by entering the URL. Manage your feeds by renaming them or adding them to folders. Cupfeed gives you the power to build your newspaper. Even YouTube channels can be added!

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