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The little search engine that couldn’t

A couple of ex-Googlers set out to create the search engine of the future. They built something faster, simpler, and ad-free. So how come you’ve never heard of Neeva?  

Throwing curveballs: Shopify’s secret for staying ahead of the game

By shaking up business as usual, managers encourage their teams to think bigger.  

15 Unexpected Ways AI Technology is Being Used Today

Today, we’ll be taking a look at 15 unexpected and innovative ways AI technology is being used.

Designing the user experience of passkeys on Google accounts

Passwords have been the standard sign-in method since the advent of personalized online experiences. How do we introduce the passwordless experience of passkeys?

16 Standout Social Media Logos

In the highly competitive arena of social networks, where the platforms you use communicate much about an individual’s personal brand, an effective logo is an essential brand asset.

Modern Technology And The Future Of Language Translation

The field of language translation has never been more exciting. The opportunities for translation management systems to generate accurate, real-time translations are numerous, thanks to the growing and evolving development of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. In this article, Adriano Raiano discusses the evolution of language translation platforms, detailing how we got to where we are today and what advancements we can look forward to in the…

Elon Musk just changed Twitter’s logo again — sort of

Twitter’s new X logo has thicker lines.

Are data dashboards vanity projects?

The complexities of data visualization literacy

Top UI/UX Design Trends of 2023

UI/UX designing has encountered changes, recommendations, and many upgrades. Such is the difference that the UI/UX of 2023 will be unrecognisable when compared to that of 2022. It moves swiftly, incorporating what’s best and leaving out what was once considered the best.

Standards, a game-changing tool for creating brand design guidelines, launches today

This browser-based platform makes it easy to create online brand guidelines. We chat to founder Hamish Smyth about what Standards offers designers and why it’s time to ditch the PDFs.  

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