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Meet Relume, the bootstrapped AI web builder that wants to supercharge Figma and Webflow

Sydney-based Relume started as a component library for web design giants Webflowand Figma providing over a thousand components, which are customizable blocks that contain content, nav bars footers, and other elements that can be easily reused across a website. When ChatGPT became a global sensation late last year, the Relume team, like many other productivity tools out there, began to contemplate how AI could enhance its features.

15 Tempting Photoshop Alternatives

Photoshop wears several hats, but what if you only need one or two of them and don’t want to pay for the others? If you don’t actually need every feature Photoshop boasts (and almost no one needs all of them) then there are some very attractive alternatives.

Collective #778

Guillaume Azadian’s portfolio is a delightful example of design that effortlessly brings a smile to your face. The undulating layout, complemented by charming animations, exudes a truly exceptional and inspiring vibe! Our pick this week.

11 Free Website Builders to Try in 2023

So, you need to build a website, and your budget is all but non-existent. Fear not; it is possible to get online for nothing using a site builder. Sure, you’re not going to win any awards, and forget about scalability. But if you need to get a website online fast, site builders are a no-brainer.

The Best Adobe Photoshop Plug-Ins for 2023

Photoshop is a powerhouse all on its own, but you can level it up with the top plug-ins we’ve tested.

Tailwind CSS Color Generator

Press spacebar, enter a hexcode or change the HSL values to create a custom color scale

Blocks Microsite by WordPress

The technology that powers much of the web has never been easier to learn. Blocks allow you to visually interact with any piece of content, with or without code—fueling rich layouts, interactive onboarding, and endless extensibility. As powerful for design as they are for development, but still intuitive enough for newcomers.

Creating Gradients: 3 Popular Ways To Create Gradients

This article explores three popular approaches designers can use when creating gradients — the Figma native toolset, Figma plugins, and online tools.

On-Scroll Column & Row Animations

Some inspiration for scroll-driven animations on column and row items.

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