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An introduction to mindstates

The following article describes a framework that matches the way people think with; a need, an idea, a design or a message. It breaks down thinking into 5 mindstates, each based on how much attention and time someone has in any given moment.

How I use ChatGPT as a UI/UX Designer

As a UI/UX designer, I have found that incorporating ChatGPT into my design process has greatly enhanced my ability to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

Creativity as a system

Seeing creativity as a system simplifies the creative process & allows for better management of creative energy over time.

Building Products Blind Vol.1 — Data Disrespect

This series of articles will cover the common trends I’ve seen in companies that I’ve worked on. These companies typically contain at least one of the following attributes…

6 Design Culture Examples and How to Create Your Own

Creating a good design culture starts with understanding user needs, encouraging collaboration between departments, experimenting with new ideas, investing in the right tools, and developing design team rituals.

Psychology in Interface Design: 20 Laws of UX

Laws and principles of UX are tools and recommendations that might help a designer create more convenient and user-oriented interfaces.

How I made the pivot into UX: start where you are

I started with user interviews, and broke the script up into three sections: what employees liked about the current space, what their hopes and aspirations were for the new space, and what made them excited about ThoughtWorks in general.

16 Common UX Fails You Must Avoid

In this article, we’re going to talk about the top 16 UX fails that can happen and how to avoid them like a pro.

How to choose a web accessible typeface

Often a typeface is chosen based on what appeals to the designer and is a good fit for the project. Web accessibility is often an afterthought, once the fun task of typeface selection has already been done.

What is wrong with flag icons for languages, according to UX designers?

Following Apple’s example, why should they be replaced on multilingual websites and apps?

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