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How to Design an Accessible Web Site for People with Color-Deficient Vision

In this article, I’ll explain the importance of crafting color-accessible Web sites and explore some practical tips on designing Web sites that are friendly to individuals who have some form of color-deficient vision.

Top 8 AI Tools and Plugins Every UI/UX Designer Should Try in 2024

I’ve rounded up a fantastic collection of AI tools designed to elevate your design game. From crafting icons to refining UI/UX and simplifying documentation, these AI tools are game-changers. Give them a try and see how they can revolutionize your design workflow.

How Airbnb Became a Leader in UX Design

rom a small bed & breakfast opened in the founder’s rented house, to a billion dollar multi-national hospitality company — one thing that is crucial to their success has been design.

Design-Pattern Guidelines: Study Guide

Summary:  Unsure how to design and implement user-interface patterns? Use this collection of links to our content about specific patterns.  

The UX of Threads’ downfall

When fast onboarding gets in the way of long-term retention.

Opportunities for AI in Accessibility

In reading Joe Dolson’s recent piece on the intersection of AI and accessibility, I absolutely appreciated the skepticism that he has for AI in general as well as for the ways that many have been using it. In fact, I’m very skeptical of AI myself, despite my role at Microsoft as an accessibility innovation strategist who helps run the AI for Accessibility grant program. As with any too

Don’t Disable Form Controls

Just another usability and accessibility pro telling authors not to do the thing they continue to do.

Key takeaways from Airbnb’s winter redesign

When Airbnb announces something new, it’s the result of months of hard work, thinking, and testing.

Exciting New Tools for Designers, February 2024

2024 is well underway and shaping up to be an interesting year. So, to help you keep your focus on working hard and getting stuff done, we’ve collected another bunch of helpful bits and pieces from across the web.

The era of spatial typography is here

The Apple Vision Pro opens up a whole new dimension for type design.

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