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What kind of a UX designer should you strive to be in 2023?

Helpful career advice and goal-setting ideas to launch your career forward and get you where you want to be.

Designing advanced components and interactions for complex products

A step-by-step guide to finding and implementing them

Will artificial intelligence replace my job as a UX designer?

An examination of ChatGPT and Dall-E’s capacity for UX. ChatGPT launched November 30th, and quickly exploded in popularity with over a million new users in it’s first week.

Designing a New Outlook Experience

Outlook’s key design challenge is that of many heritage products: how do you chart a path forward that modernizes a beloved product, while also honoring its legacy and maintaining familiarity for the millions of people who rely on it?

An Ultimate Guide On Sizing, Spacing, Grids And Layout In Web And UI/UX Design

Space is one of the core elements in design that is often overlooked. Proper spatial organization helps to achieve consistency between screens, pages, or even products. It also creates visual rhythm, limits decision-making, and helps to achieve better readability and scannability. In this guide, Paul Matvienko discusses the basics of defining a spatial system.

Micro interaction

A micro-interaction is a small, focused interaction between a user and a product or service that serves a specific purpose or goal. Micro-interactions are often used to provide feedback, confirm actions, or guide users through a process.

The Next Big Social App May Be One You Don’t Use (Yet)

Apps like BeReal and Mastodon broke out in 2022. It’s only the beginning.

The three most important lessons I’ve learned as a UX Designer in 2022

This was a strange year as a UX Designer, where I received more lessons from outside the realm than within it. From helping my stakeholders understand me better to understand the impact AI has on design, these are the three most important lessons I’ve learned in 2022 to help me grow as a designer.

Starbucks App Problem: One company, multiple apps

I’m sure no matter how much caffeine you consume, if you’re a coffee addict and you always maximize your rewards on the Starbucks app, then you’ve probably noticed that Starbucks App Problem that happens when you travel to a different country where you are permanently located.

UI/UX Career: The Pursuit of Mediocrity

In today’s society, we are constantly bombarded with messages about the importance of excellence and the dangers of mediocrity. We are told to aim for the stars, to never settle for less than our best, and to constantly strive for improvement.

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