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Mastering Apple’s AR Guidelines: An Exploration into Designing for AR

The guidelines, ‘Principles of Spatial Design,’ ‘Design for spatial interfaces,’ and ‘Design for Spatial Input,’ offer invaluable insights into how to approach AR design.

Design trends and cycles in UI/UX, the history of art, and typography

Let’s explore design trends in UI/UX design, the history of art, and typography in our in-depth post covering millennia of human creativity by our Lead Designer, Hrvoje.

The Problem With Bad Error Messages (And How to Fix Them)

UX writing lessons from an ugly encounter at a bank

Bento Grids

Curated collection of cool bento designs

The 10 Best UI & UX Feedback Tools

So, you’re on the prowl for the best UI & UX feedback tools, and you’re not here to mess around. Great, neither are we. Let’s cut through the marketing fluff and explore some of the best tools out there to polish your digital product into a user-friendly masterpiece.

UX Bites

A collection of bitesized UX interactions, curated to inspire and help you tune into what great UX looks like. Updated every few days.

The Reddit Blackout: How Bad UX Triggered a User Uprising

Learn about the user revolt and blackout on Reddit caused by bad user experiences and unreasonable API pricing. Find out why third-party Reddit apps are preferred and how Reddit’s pricing harms designers and developers and forces users to inferior UX.

Why watchOS 10’s Redesign Is a Huge Deal for Usability

The Apple Watch is amazing but can be a pain to use. Do you scroll or swipe on that screen to show more?

Designing Miho: An E-Commerce Website From Scratch — UX/UI Case Study

In this case study, I’m going to talk about the process of how I designed Miho’s website from scratch. I will share my strategy, design decisions, and approach towards the overall design.

Bottom Sheets: Definition and UX Guidelines

A bottom sheet is a user-interface pattern used commonly in mobile apps for providing contextual details or controls in the lower area of the screen.

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