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Neubrutalism – UI Design Trend That Wins The Web

Neubrutalism is a trend in web design focusing on creating structures and layouts that are simple but also impactful, utilizing bold colors, sharp lines, and geometric shapes to create a unique look. This UI design style combines elements from the past with modern-day approaches.

Nielsen’s Heuristics as the North Star of User Experience

Have you ever tried out different Apps or sites and noticed that one of them gives you instructions and directs your actions while the others require a lot of clicking around, just to find whatever it is that you need? Enter the world of Nielsen’s 10 Heuristics, the unsung heroes shaping the user experience of your favorite digital spaces. For every user who has experienced the agony of a confusing…

UX Case Study | Daily Miracles- Transforming Compassion and fundraising into Design

Daily Miracles explores the application of design principles in crafting a user-centered digital experience for fundraising needs under various campaigns.

6 Ways to Make Authentication Systems More User-friendly

Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty by designing a safe, consistent, and user-friendly authentication system.

The Magic of Details: How UX Microinteractions Transform Products

UX/UI designers use various tricks to create user-friendly interfaces: they work out information architecture, conduct usability tests, and much more. But the true UX magic happens when the main structure of an application is ready — and this magic has a name: microinteractions.

How to Design with Coded Components – Simple & Responsive Dashboard Tutorial

In this article, we will walk you through designing a responsive dashboard with a coded component library – Material UI, one of the best, thoroughly documented libraries of ready-made elements.

Does Google Maps has a bad UX?

As part of an UX/UI challenge in my class, I have to cleverly redesign a part of an application of my choosing.

5 UX Essentials Design School Won’t Teach You

Most UX newbies only learn these design skills at work.

Why are Western apps more minimalist than Asian apps?

The digital behaviour traits of individualism and collectivism

The age of UX Design is over. The time for Content Design has come.

The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air.

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