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Hexagon Pattern Generator

Generate beautiful patterns based on the symmetry of six

Ezytor – Easy website editor for developers

Ezytor is a simple, easy, and powerful website editor with all the elements you need to create a stunning website in just a few minutes.

Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (November 2022)

In this edition, we have several JavaScript libraries, some learning resources to level up your skills, and a couple of Deno-based tools.

20+ Designers I Follow on Instagram

I am sharing some of the designers I follow who have taught me many things about UX and UI design. Follow them to learn more about UX design.

Cupfeed 2.0 – The new way to read your news and RSS feeds on iOS and macOS

Add your RSS feeds via the built-in search or directly by entering the URL. Manage your feeds by renaming them or adding them to folders. Cupfeed gives you the power to build your newspaper. Even YouTube channels can be added!

Figma widgets for collaboration

Figma is the most collaborative interface tool I have ever used as a UX designer. It is improving this aspect in each update release. In June with the latest update, they announced the widgets w

15 Best New Fonts for November 2022

This month, a distinctly medieval aesthetic permeates some of the designs. You’ll find plenty of rebellion in fonts that break the rules for fun. And as always, we’ve included some excellent practical options. Enjoy!

Kive.AI – A multiplayer AI creation canvas

Start a new collaborative AI canvas or join thousands of other creatives in shared rooms.

Pushing visual and interactive expression in design guidelines with Material Design 3

Pushing visual and interactive expression in design guidelines with Material Design 3


Oxen Builder is a technology that allows anyone to build a professional website and landing pages without a developer experience. On this builder, you will find awesome features that will help you craft amazing web pages in a matter of minute

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