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The ultimate AI-powered tool for generating funny, rude, emotional & casual replies for every message. Tailor your replies to your audience, culture & context, and add emojis and follow-up questions with a simple checkbox.

This mind-boggling optical illusion claims to reveal a whole new colour

Stare long enough and you should be able to see a shade of orange that isn’t there and which, according to the illusion’s creator, can’t actually be shown on a screen. Confused? I certainly am. This could be one for our pick of must-see optical illusions and the best optical illusions of the year.

MagicStock by Aimages – Convert descriptions to images with transparent background

Less searching, more creating. All your transparent background images in one place. Use AI to create unlimited high-quality and unique images with transparent backgrounds by just describing them.

It took 28 human bodies to create this unusual typeface

Project Body Type isn’t the most legible font ever created, but it comes with a powerful message.

Launch by Burb – Launch your membership in minutes instead of months

Looking to monetize group membership, but stuck staring at site builders and billing products? Launch makes it easy to just. get. started. Set up billing and beautiful landing pages, track membership automatically and effortlessly for any private space.

Mastodon Flock

Mastodon Flock is a web application that looks for Twitter users on ActivityPub-enabled platforms (the “Fediverse”), such as Mastodon. It allows you to easily find and follow your friends that have accounts elsewhere.

Advent Calendars For Web Designers And Developers (2022 Edition)

This year, the web community was once again busy creating tech advent calendars jam-packed with fantastic content to sweeten your days. But which ones to follow? We help you find the right one, whether you’re a front-end dev, UX designer, or content strategist.

Canva’s Magic Write is an existential threat to Microsoft and Google

Canva is aiming at Google Docs and Microsoft Word with a collaborative word processor that eliminates writer’s block.

Tooltip to Gallery Transition

A concept for page transitions where a tooltip image animates to a gallery layout and fullscreen image.

Icon Design Trends For 2023

Icons are an essential part of it that helps the viewers navigate around the app. Discover the icon design trends for 2023 and practical tips on their usage.

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