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Lettering Series of popular logos with a retro look

Rafael Serral’s latest collection features lettering work that has been given a retro twist! Rafael has reimagined some of the most iconic logos, such as Netflix, Nike, Patagonia, Burger King, Adidas and more, giving them a vintage feel. Each design has been carefully crafted to pay homage to the original logo while adding a unique twist.

Starbucks App Problem: One company, multiple apps

I’m sure no matter how much caffeine you consume, if you’re a coffee addict and you always maximize your rewards on the Starbucks app, then you’ve probably noticed that Starbucks App Problem that happens when you travel to a different country where you are permanently located.

The Best Pricing Page Ideas

Find inspiration and expert-approved strategies for your pricing page with Pricing Page Ideas. Our curated collection of SaaS pricing pages helps you make informed decisions about design and pricing models, from freemium to one-time payment.

The most unbelievable logo fails of 2022

The year is at almost an end, and as we look back at what 2022 has left us, a few logo designs stand out. And not for the right reasons. There were plenty of good logo designs in 2022, but inevitably what we’re most likely to remember are those logo fails that made us laugh or scratch our heads – or both.

PatternedAI – Generate Seamless Patterns with AI

AI-generated seamless patterns. Generate customised designs for your product or service using our AI model. You can also search thousands of royalty-free stock images to use immediately for your own designs.

UI/UX Career: The Pursuit of Mediocrity

In today’s society, we are constantly bombarded with messages about the importance of excellence and the dangers of mediocrity. We are told to aim for the stars, to never settle for less than our best, and to constantly strive for improvement.

10 Figma Plugins every designer must try in 2023

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top trendy and necessary Figma plugins that every designer should have in their toolkit. These plugins will help you take your Figma skills to the next level. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro, be sure to check out these essential Figma plugins and see how they can enhance your design process.

40 Best New Fonts of 2022

And so, every month, we put together a roundup of the best new fonts for web designers. In this roundup of the year, we look back at the past twelve months and showcase our forty favorite fonts of 2022. Enjoy!

7 design books to look forward to in 2023

From a visual history of the guitar to a social justice guidebook on decolonizing design, 2023 will be a great year for design books.

These are the worst design fails of 2022

From a game controller that the design team should have got a second opinion on to a logo nobody can read and even some terrible product design from Apple, 2022 has seen its share of design crimes.

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