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10 Dark Patterns in UX Design and How to Avoid Them

Dark patterns in UX design are manipulative tactics that deceive and trick users into taking actions that primarily benefit companies, often at the expense of the user’s experience.

The Slack redesign has ruined my life. Sorry, I can’t work today.

Slack looks like a carnival of distraction and chaos — a hideous Grimace-purple rail on the left side that now tracks every “activity.” (Someone giving a thumbs up emoji to one of your posts, for example.)

Liminal design and the corporate sublime

Liminal Design is the opposite of the transactional design — different tools, courage and client interactions are required.

Collective #789

We’ve made some exciting changes to our newsletter’s look and feel, and we can’t wait to share them with you! We’ve listened to your feedback, so we’ve reduced the number of images to improve readability. But, we’re also a bit nervous because it’s something new for us. We’d greatly appreciate your feedback on the new design. Your thoughts are essential as we want to ensure our newsletter is the best…

How The Guardian designed its thoughtful new long-form mag

The Long Read Magazine manages to live in two worlds: the bookshelf and newsstand.

Adobe researchers create 3D models from 2D images ‘within 5 seconds’ in new AI breakthrough

A team of researchers from Adobe Research and Australian National Universityhave developed a groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) model that can transform a single 2D image into a high-quality 3D model in just 5 seconds.

Creating Accessible UI Animations

Animation and accessibility are often seen as two separate powers at odds with one another. How is it possible to strike a balance between elements that move and the possible negative effects they expose to users who are sensitive to motion? Oriana García explains how her team at Mercado Libre tackled the challenge by creating guiding principles for applying animation to user interfaces and incorporating them into the team’s design…

How to brag about yourself in a way that doesn’t make people hate you

Self-promotion is essential to landing clients or a promotion. Here’s how to sing your own praises without annoying everyone.

How to Get Facebook Without Ads—if It’s Available for You

Meta now offers users an ad-free option, but it’s only available in Europe for those who can afford the €10-a-month subscription.

How to add Content Credentials to an image in Photoshop

Content Credentials allows creators to attach information to their content, including the name of the artist, the program used to create the piece, any edits or processes used and assets included in the final image. It also marks images that have been generated using AI tools.

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