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Insights for Scaling Your Business Successfully

he web is still a young platform, and we’re only now beginning to recognize what “success” looks like for large projects. In his recent Smashing book, Success at Scale, Addy Osmani presents practical case studies featuring the web’s most renowned companies and their efforts to make big changes to existing apps and sites. In this article, Addy shows some of the key insights he has learned.

The Future of Web Design

Are you tired of constantly feeling like you’re playing catch-up with the ever-evolving world of web design trends? You create a concept and — the next day you find out that it’s outdated. You google the latest tendencies and you’re overwhelmed with the suggestions. Which of them will work?

Telegram unveils new update

Telegram has rolled out a new update that brings a range of exciting features to users, including the ability to add animated effects to messages, place captions above media, discover public posts using global hashtags, hide text snippets with collapsible quote blocks, and much more.

Jump from B2C to B2B product management

The worlds of B2B and B2C product management have long been viewed as inherently different. But is this really the case?

Reduce The Carbon Footprint of Your Website

On average, a web page produces 4.61 grams of CO2 for every page view; for whole sites, that amounts to hundreds of KG of CO2 annually.

A ringing odyssey

The design of alarm clocks has changed a lot over the years, and perhaps many of us will remember some iconic examples that integrated the snooze mode, such as the Braun Classic Analogue Travel Alarm Clock with Snooze and Light, produced in the late ’80s.

Playing with Infinity in CSS

CSS has an infinity constant. When I first learned about this, my brain lit up with all kinds of absurd possibilities. Let’s discuss! There might even be some practical use cases.

Discover 700+ free resources and tools

Freeble provides a curated list of the best free online resources and tools.

Balancing Strength and Vulnerability in Design

Designers are the 6th pillar of a business but still, they get paid in peanuts and also don’t get much recognition in an industry. This article explains the power of a designer as an individual in any industry and how as a newbie entering into a design industry you can do the same.

Moving to Explicit Design Guidelines from Implicit Intent

It’s time to come to terms with what we’re actually doing when we design websites, native and web apps, why it’s important, and where the future of our design environments is headed.

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