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AdCreative AI – Make AI generated Ad Creatives in seconds.

AdCreative AI helps you generate social media posts or ad creatives in a matter of seconds by the help of highly trained AI which will guarantee you up to14 times better conversion rates. And for signing up you earn $500 free google ads credits and a 7 day free trial (cancel anytime).

AI-based chat: the future of ux in 2023 and beyond

Imagine a world where you can communicate with your technology the same way you communicate with your friends. A world where you can ask your phone a question and get a response that feels natural, human, and helpful.

Fonts on Tape

A fun way to showcase fonts

Design your AI Art Generator Prompt Using ChatGPT

A short guide on how to use ChatGPT to elaborate your text prompts

Making the GOV.UK Frontend typography scale more accessible

The GOV.UK Design System team is constantly iterating the Design System to make sure it remains as usable as possible for service teams and people using government services.

How intuition gives humans the advantage over Artificial Intelligence

While Generative AI is powerful, it is no match for Human Intuition.

What The Verge’s website redesign tells us about the future of media

The Verge has a new website design that rethinks the experience of news readers. What does this move say about the state of news media?

Design deserves more respect

The quest for worthiness in the name of the world’s most universal form of communication

Taking The Stress Out Of Design System Management

In this article, Masha goes over five tips that make it easier to manage a design system while increasing its effectiveness. This short guide is aimed at smaller teams.

UI Content – Find professional placeholder text

Transform your design mockups with Lipsum alternative, the perfect solution for UI designers looking to add engaging and meaningful content to your projects.

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