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DoNotPay’s ‘Robot Lawyer’ Is Gearing Up for Its First U.S. Court Case

The AI legal assistant has helped people contest parking tickets, now it’s leveling up to the courtroom—and the judge doesn’t know.

Case Study: CSConnect. Website Design for Immersive Experience Marketing Platform

Check the creative story of bright, user-friendly, and informative website design for CSConnect, the service of immersive visual experiences for marketing.  

Collective #746

The portfolio of Andreas Antonsson offers a delightful user experience with its fluid design and smooth scrolling, as well as excellent typography that enhances the overall aesthetic.

Artists accuse Adobe of tracking their design process to power its AI

A curious setting in Adobe Photoshop’s privacy preferences has the artistic community on edge this week.

AI in UI | 2023 and Beyond

How AI will influence UI design practices, and what it will mean for designers moving forward.

At CES, Google proves it’s rediscovered Android

Google’s mobile OS takes center stage in Las Vegas as its Assistant fades to the background.

From accessibility to font choice, Google’s designers are building for the individual

What does true customisation look like? And what does it mean for design if we put power in the hands of users? We caught up with the team behind Material You to learn more about how the work to create truly personal experiences is evolving.

ResumeTide – Resume builder for your next job

ResumeTide is an easy-to-use, no-gimmicks, Resume builder. Coupled with multiple good-looking themes, make your next Resume with a Resume builder that won’t bankrupt you.

Woah, BMW’s new colour-changing car concept is unreal

Revealed at the 2023 edition of CES in Las Vegas this week, BMW’s ‘i Vision Dee’ is, apparently, capable of being rendered in up to 32 different hues. And it’s all thanks to the car’s ‘ePaper’ surface. It’s basically an enormous Kindle with wheels.

Five typography trends set to make waves in 2023

This year’s trends are all about what’s underneath. From code and generative typography to type as a political tool, how and why we create type will be driving what’s coming next.  

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