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Mesher Tool

CSS Mesh gradients generator by CSS Hero.

Junior designers, please don’t give in

The economy is tanking, and the market is flooding with experienced designers. It is now more challenging than ever to get a job as a junior designer. But the world needs you, please don’t give in.

User Persona – Generate comprehensive user personas with the help of AI

User Persona is a tool that uses AI to generate detailed user personas for businesses and organizations. A user persona is a fictional character that represents a company’s ideal customer, based on market research and customer data.

Collective #745

The last inspirational website of the week is Constance Souville’s lovely portfolio which boasts a visually appealing and distinctive design with engaging details.

Designing a New Outlook Experience

Outlook’s key design challenge is that of many heritage products: how do you chart a path forward that modernizes a beloved product, while also honoring its legacy and maintaining familiarity for the millions of people who rely on it?

How designers can start using AI at work today

If you are happily avoiding producing full-blown illustrations with these tools, there are plenty of more ethical, smaller ways to include them in your process for a product or web design.

Microsoft Designer: AI Prompt Design Principles

Microsoft Paint has always been there for us, so when I heard the ‘Microsoft Designer’ announcement, there was a natural excitement. Combine that with AI, and the hype was real – Microsoft are bringing AI to the masses! Not only with Microsoft Designer, but they’re sprinkling AI onto many Microsoft products.

Critiquing our (remote) design crits

Design critiques, also called “crits”, are one of those feedback-focused design rituals that feel so essential to the design process. When done well, they help us improve our design, avoid blind spots, explore new angles, and create higher-quality work.

Intentio – Stop mindless browsing & become intentional

Build healthy technology habits with a mindful approach to internet browsing, encourages self-accountability, and automatically start Pomodoro whenever you visit your focus sites.

Where is generative AI headed in 2023?

Expect the tech to go more mainstream—and to see heightened scrutiny from regulators.

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