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FounderBeats – See hundreds of founders building profitable businesses

A website featuring 100+ interviews with successful founders, providing insights and inspiration for your entrepreneurial journey. The website eventually covers hundreds of founder interviews.

Why are we still overlooking company catalysts?

Hidden accelerators that are usually ignored, underestimated or even discouraged at times when they are needed most

Making Your Collaboration Problems Go Away By Sharing Components

Is it controversial to say deep integration of design systems, removing the need to maintain both a code and design version of each component, is the current Holy Grail of Web Design?

How to generate stunning images using Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a text-to-image model. It is primarily used to generate detailed images based on text descriptions. Stable Diffusion is an excellent alternative to tools like midjourney and DALLE-2. And the great thing about this tool is that you can ru

Exciting New Tools for Designers, January 2023

In January’s edition of our monthly roundup of the most exciting new downloads for designers and developers, there’s everything from full-blown applications to helpful little side projects. Enjoy!

Exploring the potential of AI in UX: benefits, risks, and future trends

In this article, we’ll explore the many ways in which AI can be used to support UX design and enhance the overall experience for your users, as well as the risks involved in using AI and how to mitigate

How To Empathize With Your Users

Learn how to put yourself in your users’ shoes and understand their needs and feelings

Replicating the Light Effect from MIDWAM with Three.js and Postprocessing

In this coding session, we’ll use Three.js and postprocessing to recreate the beautiful light effects featured on Midwam’s website.

Challenging the blue checkmark: how to design ethical status on social media

How UX designers can leverage status games, social capital, and network effects in the design of social platforms.

The Best, Coolest, and Weirdest Gadgets at CES 2023

From gaming pods to e-ink laptops to a gel that lets you safely hit your hand with a hammer, these are the products that excite us most.

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