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Should You Accept Guest Posts on Your WordPress Blog? (Pros/Cons)

Every author has a unique point of view, and your audience will likely appreciate a change of pace and ideas. This is especially true if you’re a solo blogger or feel that your content is getting stale.

Prototype Product Design – 9 Tips To Get You Started

Developing prototypes can lead you nowhere in product development process unless you are using the right tools and following best practices. These tips are perfect for ensuring that you prototype the right solution that has user experience in mind.

The Best Alternatives To Google Analytics in 2023

With the current push by Google to move its users from Universal Analtics to G4, now would be a great time to change.

Branding a city: What makes a successful design?

There’s a lot to juggle when creating a city’s visual identity – ideas, people, history, expectations. The designers behind the brands talk us through their approaches and strategies.

“AI is not going away” – Canva founder Cliff Obrecht on the future of design

AI is not going away. And so I think organisations need to essentially adopt AI in an ethical way that that essentially ensures rights owners are fairly compensated.

Web browsing on iPhone in 2007

In 2007, responsive web design did not exist. The first responsive websites appeared only in 2010.

Web Roulette is an addictive, ‘swipeable’ web browser for the TikTok era

If mindlessly browsing the internet is your preferred way to combat boredom and waste time, the indie app makers behind to-do list app Clear and game Heads Up! have a new product you’ll want to try: Web Roulette

This radical internet browser lets you remix any website

A Mac-only browser is aiming to turn ‘the’ internet into ‘your’ internet, letting users change everything from colours and fonts to removing whole sections of individual sites.

10 Best Adobe Animate Alternatives in 2023

Today, we’re taking a look at some of the best Adobe Animate free and premium alternatives you can access to create all sorts of 2D animated content. Most of them are completely free. Have a look.

How I finally learned to love ChatGPT

I still have my doubts about many of the ways people are using OpenAI’s chatbot. But little by little, I’ve figured out how to make it work for me.

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