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Dead Simple Sites

The most minimal sites on the web, curated in one place.  

100 Unique Website Footer Design Inspirations

Whether you’re aiming for a clean and modern aesthetic or want to inject some personality into your design, the footer is a prime opportunity to showcase your brand’s identity.

Layers – A home for designers

Layers is a design community platform built by designers for designers. Share your work, connect with other designers and build your portfolio.

Design Challenges: Designers Demand Reform as Unfair Tasks Miss the Mark (part II)

Examining the ethical, psychological, and practical concerns surrounding design challenges, and advocating for a more inclusive, human centered and effective approach to evaluating designers.

Usability Heuristics Applied to Board Games

Usability heuristics suggest what influences the design of successful board games.  

The Serifs of Change: Microsoft’s Aptos Font Sparks Love, Resistance, and Humor

Discover how Microsoft’s switch from Calibri to Aptos as the default font has sparked a wave of reactions, blending nostalgia with modernity in the ever-evolving digital text landscape.

10 Famously Bad Examples of Design (& What to Learn From Them)

Even some of the world’s biggest brands and most reputable designers make mistakes. Today, we take a look at some of the famously bad design examples to see what you can learn from them.

Reddit finally files IPO, gives Redditors first dibs on buying stock

Do your research before you buy, though.

Check Out Google’s Redesigned Login Page So You Don’t Get Scammed

Be warned: Hackers may take advantage of any confusion around what the login page should look like.

Fontonic – Customize fonts of any website with any fonts you like

Fontonic lets you easily change the fonts of any website with the fonts downloaded on your device. Changes are saved even after you close the tab. Changes are reflected on every page of the website. Revert back to original fonts anytime

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