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Microsoft Designer: AI Prompt Design Principles

Microsoft Paint has always been there for us, so when I heard the ‘Microsoft Designer’ announcement, there was a natural excitement. Combine that with AI, and the hype was real – Microsoft are bringing AI to the masses! Not only with Microsoft Designer, but they’re sprinkling AI onto many Microsoft products.

Critiquing our (remote) design crits

Design critiques, also called “crits”, are one of those feedback-focused design rituals that feel so essential to the design process. When done well, they help us improve our design, avoid blind spots, explore new angles, and create higher-quality work.

Intentio – Stop mindless browsing & become intentional

Build healthy technology habits with a mindful approach to internet browsing, encourages self-accountability, and automatically start Pomodoro whenever you visit your focus sites.

Where is generative AI headed in 2023?

Expect the tech to go more mainstream—and to see heightened scrutiny from regulators.

Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (December 2022)

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the fresh resources for our fellow web developers to stay ahead of the curve and start the new year off right. This includes a host of new JavaScript, PHP, HTML, JS, and CSS libraries, plus a breakthrough in WordPress.

An Ultimate Guide On Sizing, Spacing, Grids And Layout In Web And UI/UX Design

Space is one of the core elements in design that is often overlooked. Proper spatial organization helps to achieve consistency between screens, pages, or even products. It also creates visual rhythm, limits decision-making, and helps to achieve better readability and scannability. In this guide, Paul Matvienko discusses the basics of defining a spatial system.

Micro interaction

A micro-interaction is a small, focused interaction between a user and a product or service that serves a specific purpose or goal. Micro-interactions are often used to provide feedback, confirm actions, or guide users through a process.

Localfonts – A simple way to browse all your local fonts in your browser

An easy way to preview your fonts in the browser. No banners, sign-ups, no shady upsells, or subscriptions.

Lettering Series of popular logos with a retro look

Rafael Serral’s latest collection features lettering work that has been given a retro twist! Rafael has reimagined some of the most iconic logos, such as Netflix, Nike, Patagonia, Burger King, Adidas and more, giving them a vintage feel. Each design has been carefully crafted to pay homage to the original logo while adding a unique twist.

In Memoriam: The tech that died in 2022

As we look back on 2022, it’s important to take some time and pour one out for the tech we lost this past year. Whether these products, platforms, and companies lived a long life or barely made it past the pilot stage, burned too brightly like a star or slowly faded away into obsolescence, they all left their mark in some way.

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