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Optimizing Your Design Workflow With Tools

There are many ways of working on a computer — but some are faster than others. And for us designers, every second saved by working faster is that much more time to do the things that we love. In this article, Ashish Bogawat shares some of his favorite ways how to boost productivity and do things faster by using efficient tools and workflows.

Redesigning a breaking Twitter

As Elon Musk burns down the Twitter we know, will a drastically different user experience emerge from the ashes?

Why McMaster.com is the best ecommerce site, you’ll ever use

This article uses an example case from a B2B site that recently made the top of HackerNews as the best e-commerce site, mcmaster.com by McMaster-Carr. In this article, you’ll get a breakdown of what McMaster-Carr does particularly well in its UX practices.

Empty states: 5 practical tips for designers

Content is what provides value for most apps. Along with features, content is a primary reason why people start using products. This is why it’s critical to consider how we design empty states, those moments in a user’s journey when an app might not have content for a user yet.

Does Your Product Actually Need Dark Mode?

If you’ve been building apps and have been around for a few key moments – say circa 2018-2019 – you might recall the current thing of those times, the dark mode. That’s when both Apple and Google decided to introduce their versions of dark mode during their annual WDDCand I/O conferences. It didn’t stop (or start) there though. Most major players in tech sprinted to replace the traditional blinding white…

Design Systems 101: An Introductory Guide for UX/UI Designers

A design system is a collection of principles that govern the design of a brand’s digital experience. It provides a set of guidelines for how your brand should look and feel across all channels and devices. When done correctly, using a design system can have many benefits for your business or organization — from improved communication and efficiency to more consistent branding across all digital channels.

Email Design Trends for 2023

Let us look at the latest email design trends to understand better what will work in 2023 so that you can map effective digital marketing plans and build effective email designs next year and beyond.

Predicting the Next Opportunities for WordPress Innovation

How will WordPress change? While we don’t have a crystal ball, we can see plenty of areas that are ripe for improvement. Some may be solved by updates to WordPress core, while the plugin and theme ecosystem could tackle others.

2023 visual design trends guide

The rise of motion design, parallax, immersion, contrasting UI styles, imitations and more

Inspirational Websites Roundup #44

A new roundup of the most inspiring and creative website from the past couple of weeks.

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