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In Loving Memory of Square Checkbox

As you can see, even the checkmark wasn’t always there. But one thing remained constant: checkboxes were square.

Mobile search: which pattern should you choose?

The Search is a flexible tool. It can work very differently depending on the context. To understand the topic better, we have outlined a list of principles according to which search can operate.

Disabled buttons

Always enabled buttons have long been among the “best practices” of UX design, but there are still disabled buttons in interfaces here and there. In 2021, my colleagues at «Open Investments» asked me to make a presentation with a theoretical proof of the “buttons should always be enabled” concept.

Inspirational Websites Roundup #55

Check out our first batch of exceptionally good website designs in 2024.

The AI Dilemma In Graphic Design: Steering Towards Excellence In Typography And Beyond

AI promises a major upheaval in typography, with designers finding themselves navigating both opportunities and challenges. How will it impact quality, design roles, and our use of type in the future? As we explore this new frontier, we realise that we are at a juncture as significant as Gutenberg’s press, set to redefine how we interact with text and visual communication.

Sketch-a-site: Hatch launches no-code drawing tool for web design

Hatch’s new tool wants to make creative web design even easier

3 Essential Design Trends, February 2024

These three design trends are sure to help you generate some hot ideas in one of the coldest months of the year.

Web design trend: small graphical elements on hero section

These small graphical elements are often used to compliment the website’s hero message, and when done right, it can help setting the tone, and further amplify the look and feel of the website. Here I collected 10 excellent examples of how it’s being applied.

Why Adobe is frustrating web designers

A history of Adobe’s complicated relationship with the web.

10 Best Websites for Free HTML Templates Vanilla CSS

This is a curated roundup of the best websites where you can download HTML templates for free. More specifically vanilla CSS templates that don’t rely on any frameworks.

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