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Adobe Acrobat adds generative AI to ‘easily chat with documents’

A beta version of Adobe’s AI Assistant is here to help you navigate large documents more easily.  

Interaction Footprint: a new tool for measuring design

Taking screenshots and building the flow from beginning to end provides you with a solid foundation to do your analysis.

How We Designed AI-Powered Spatial Banking for Apple Vision Pro

So, how can we use this spatial computing opportunity to create the next generation of banking experiences? The UXDA team has spent 1000 hours of work to design its vision of AI-powered spatial banking of the future on the visionOS platform.

Designing genAI-enhanced features

Elevating user experience through intelligent content enhancement and personalization.

Will AI Replace All Coders?

Should we embrace this as inevitable and tell our kids they no longer need to learn to code? There’s strong evidence that AI has already surpassed the ability of human coders, let’s look at three datapoints…

Apple’s new Photoshop-like AI image editor is fascinating

Apple has released MGIE, a new open-source AI model for image editing based on natural language instructions. As reported by VentureBeast, MGIE was developed in collaboration with researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara, MGIE leverages multimodal large language models (MLLMs) to understand user commands and perform pixel-level manipulations on images.

The next chapter of our Gemini era

Bard has been the best way for people to directly experience our most capable models. To reflect the advanced tech at its core, Bard will now simply be called Gemini. It’s available in 40 languages on the web, and is coming to a new Gemini app on Android and on the Google app on iOS.

After Its $20 Billion Windfall Evaporated, Figma Picks Up the Pieces

“It really does feel like the rug got pulled out from underneath you,” said Jason Pearson, who left Figma in 2021 and owns company stock.

Adobe Shows Off What Firefly Looks Like On Apple Vision Pro

Adobe Firefly, the creativity giant’s popular art-generating artificial intelligence, has spread its wings to reach Apple’s new Vision Pro as a standalone app, allowing users to paint vivid images in the room around them at a whim.

The era of spatial typography is here

The Apple Vision Pro opens up a whole new dimension for type design.

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