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Mozilla’s new service tries to wipe your data off the web

Firefox Monitor is now Mozilla Monitor as the company introduces a new Plus paid subscription.

The Art of Engineering AI Prompts

Whether you’re generating content, solving complex data problems, or creating stunning digital art, the quality of the outcomes you receive is directly influenced by the prompts you provide.

The Feature Trap: Why Feature Centricity Is Harming Your Product

Most product teams commonly adopt a feature-centric mindset, finding them convenient for brainstorming, drafting requirement documents, and integrating into backlogs and ticketing systems. In this article, Andy Budd shows how fixation with features might be holding you back and how making a few small tweaks to your process could make an entire world of difference.

Peter Yang’s 10 rules for making products that customers love

Product lead Peter Yang taps into his decade-plus career to explain why staying focused on the craft is a product manager’s superpower.  

Adobe throws XD overboard after losing out on $20bn Figma deal

It’s not a temper tantrum, it’s a business strategy…

40 years of the Mac, 40 years of Macworld

Macworld has changed a lot through the decades, but the thing that David Bunnell started more than 40 years ago is still making an impact.

The rise of the Model Designer

How designers should embrace shaping AI models.

A closer look at Apple’s browser-related changes to iOS in EU

The raft of iOS changes Apple dropped in the European Union yesterday, as it prepares for enforcement of the bloc’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) to kick in March 7, include some big developments around browsers that look set to shake up a pretty stale market.

40 years later, the original Mac is more amazing than ever

Sure, it looks charmingly retro today. But the little Macintosh computer introduced in 1984 was a daring machine in its time—and its influence on everything Apple does has been profound.

14 Best SEO Tools in 2024

There is an ongoing debate about whether design is more art or more science. SEO is 100% alchemy; if you know where to look and how to interpret what you find, anyone can turn underperforming websites into gold.

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