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Figma: Behind the feature: The multiple lives of multi-edit

Vice President of Product Sho Kuwamoto and Product Designer Nikolas Klein walk us through the journey of multi-edit, a new feature that simplifies editing across multiple designs in just a few clicks.  

Adobe adds Firefly generative AI features to new Express mobile app

The app is available in beta for free on iOS and Android devices, enabling mobile users to collaborate with desktop-based designers on the same projects again.

Google Says It’s Purging All the AI Trash Littering Its Search Results

The company announced changes to its algorithm to deamplify websites that “feel like they were created for search engines instead of people.”

Fonts are still a Helvetica of a Problem

CVEs in three strange places and the unique problem of safely processing and handling fonts.

The Death of User Interfaces

Dive into how product design has shifted towards a UI focus and how the AI “revolution” is gradually phasing out the “traditional user interfaces.”

Embracing AI: 5 Principles for the UX Frontier

AI won’t take your job (*yet), but it sure makes your job a whole lot easier.

Is coding dead, Nvidia CEO has concerns

In a thought-provoking departure from conventional wisdom, Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang recently sparked a debate at the World Government Summit in Dubai, challenging the entrenched belief in the necessity of coding skills for the younger generation.

Reviewing the Terms & Conditions of popular generative AI tools

AI and designers: the ethical and legal implications.

ConveyUX: Three Conversations in Design

In his Three Conversations in Design presentation at Convey UX Andrew Hogan shared trends in user experience jobs, scaling, and the impact of AI on designers. Here are my notes from his talk:

Experience, not Technology

Designers are the right innovators for defining hybrid AI experiences, blending proactive and reactive intelligence

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