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If you don’t buy Jony Ive’s $60,000 turntable, are you really a music fan?

You enjoyed his iMacs, his iPhones, his iPads. You thrilled at the way he said “aluminium” [sic]. You admired the typeface. Are you ready for the $60,000 turntable? Better make up your mind fast, because Linn is only producing 250 of these handmade bad boys.

Google Calendar’s redesign for tablets and Chromebooks finally rolling out widely

The tech giant itself was supposed to roll out many of its redesigned apps starting in May of this year, but for some reason, I, along with others, are just receiving the Google Calendar redesign this week.

Apple’s most infamous design crime is still infuriating users

There’s no denying that the Magic Mouse 2 is a case of form over function – but hey, at least it looks good.

The Sounds of Mexico

This is an audio/visual story exploring the sounds of Mexico City’s streets.

ChatGPT Drops About 10% in Traffic as the Novelty Wears Off

ChatGPT no longer looks like it will keep growing until it’s the most-trafficked website in the world. In other words, Google is in no danger of being eclipsed by the OpenAI tech demo site that turned into a cultural phenomenon.

Midjourney New “Pan” Feature Released

We’re releasing the “Pan” feature today. Click the new arrow buttons under your upscales to extend the image in that direction. Type /settings and click “Remix mode” to change your prompts every time you pan. Keep panning over and over and craft epic panoramic stories. Have fun!

How to Export Figma to HTML, Best Free Plugins

There are many Figma plugins that convert a design to HTML, and we want to review the best ones.

FlightAware Misery Map

The FlightAware MiseryMap® is a visualization of the state of US flight delays and cancellations.

Text AI Art Generators Hinder Artists More Than Help Them

When language is in the driver’s seat of image generation, artists lose the freedom of manipulating pixels outside the boundaries of semantics.

Understanding SVG Paths

This guide is an interactive deep dive into the d attribute, otherwise known as the path data. It’s the post I wish I had when I first learned about SVG paths! Along the way, we’ll learn about the different types of path commands and how to use them to draw various icons.

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