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Four Ways to Build AI Tools Without Knowing How to Code

You don’t need to know how to code to build your own AI tools.

Announcing OverflowAI, the future of community & AI

Labs is a new space for Stack Overflow and its community & customers to explore the future of knowledge sharing, together.

Adobe Firefly users generate more than 1 billion images in just 3 months

History has been made for Adobe as it celebrates its most succesful Beta launch ever – all thanks to AI

After Raising $235K, Abode Remains Committed to Taking on Adobe

Abode, a satirically named but serious project that aims to take on Adobe, just concluded its crowdfunding campaign where it raised £181,709, or about $234,900. Now comes the next step: delivering the software to the more than 3,000 artists that backed it.

KernType – A Letter Spacing Game

Practice better letter spacing….

WordPress 6.3 Live Product Demo – Highlights & Recording

WordPress 6.3 ships on August 8th! For a sneak peek of what’s to come, members of the 6.3 release squad, Anne McCarthy and Rich Tabor, held a live demo moderated by Nathan Wrigley.

Introduction to Web 5.0

The conceptualization of Web 5.0 is the culmination of multiple phases of web development. Any detailed outline of Web 5.0 would also emphasize the evolution between web versions.  A concise overview of the evolution of the Internet over time is provided below:

Adobe launches ‘Generative Expand’ AI feature for Photoshop beta testers

Now the Photoshop beta has received another handy AI update, Generative Expand. Here’s how Adobe describes the feature: “A new workflow empowering users to expand images with magical results in 1-click in the Photoshop beta.”

The little search engine that couldn’t

A couple of ex-Googlers set out to create the search engine of the future. They built something faster, simpler, and ad-free. So how come you’ve never heard of Neeva?  

15 Unexpected Ways AI Technology is Being Used Today

Today, we’ll be taking a look at 15 unexpected and innovative ways AI technology is being used.

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