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Blocks Microsite by WordPress

The technology that powers much of the web has never been easier to learn. Blocks allow you to visually interact with any piece of content, with or without code—fueling rich layouts, interactive onboarding, and endless extensibility. As powerful for design as they are for development, but still intuitive enough for newcomers.

Opera’s iOS web browser gains an AI companion with Aria

Opera’s web browser app for iOS is getting an AI assistant. The company announced today that Opera for iOS will now include Aria, its browser AI product built in collaboration with OpenAI, integrated directly into the web browser, and free for all users.

Adobe Express now has AI-powered features to take on Canva

Adobe Express now utilizes Adobe’s Firefly generative AI model to create custom images and text effects for your social media and marketing graphics.

New in Chrome 116

Let’s dive in and see what’s new for developers in Chrome 116. The Document Picture-in-Picture API makes it possible to open an always-on-top window that can be populated with arbitrary HTML content.

AI Image Statistics: How Much Content Was Created by AI

We’ve kept track of some AI image statistics and facts and tried to estimate (at least roughly) how much content has been created since text-to-image algorithms took off last year. Read on to learn more about how we arrived at this number and how some of the most prominent algorithms contribute to it.

Google announcing a global ban on all independent media from its search results

Google has taken a bold step by announcing a global ban on all independent media from its search results. This move, made in collaboration with global entities like the UN and WHO, has sent shockwaves throughout the digital community.

Samsung’s One UI 6 Beta is here: New default font, new emojis, new access to the full Quick Settings

If you’re into trying out new stuff before everybody else, we’ve got good news: owners of Samsung Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra can now join the One UI 6 Beta program.

YouTube Music debuts Samples, a TikTok-style feed for music discovery

If you’ve used basically any social media app lately, you’ll be familiar with this interface.

Google Updates Search AI to Summarize and Categorize Articles

The SGE beta will also highlight certain words of AI-generated text offering expanded definitions straight from Wikipedia and other sites.

ChatGPT has a style over substance trick that seems to dupe people into thinking it’s smart

ChatGPT may be tricking people into thinking it’s smarter than it is. Researchers found programmers often prefer ChatGPT’s (wrong) answers on coding questions. That’s because ChatGPT sounds “articulate,” they said.

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