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The Evolution of the iMac 1998 – 2023

Twenty-five years ago this month, Apple fans began unboxing the first iMacs. At the time, computers were beige boxes wired to other beige boxes, toyed with by people in beige sweater vests. Amidst the mundanity, the iMac felt like a revolution. For many of us, that first experience of an iMac was transformative; it created a vision of a technological world that wasn’t all about work. Suddenly, tech was cool.

WordPress: Introducing Twenty Twenty-Four

A brand new default theme will be featured with the next WordPress 6.4 release: Twenty Twenty-Four. The idea behind Twenty Twenty-Four is to make a default theme that can be used on any type of site, with any topic. Because of that, and contrary to past years, it has no single topic. I

AI is here to save the metaverse

AI will inevitably play a huge role not only in the broader development of the nascent metaverse but also in regulating and democratizing it.

The Myth of ‘Open Source’ AI

A new analysis shows that “open source” AI tools like Llama 2 are still controlled by big tech companies in a number of ways.

Midjourney adds new ‘vary (region)’ feature to rival Photoshop Generative Fill

Midjourney, one of the startups at the bleeding edge of generative AI imagery, debuted a generative infill feature that users have already dubbed a potential game-changer, putting it in more direct competition with Adobe Photoshop’s Generative Fill.

Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg talks future of Tumblr

Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic, the company behind and other online publishing tools, is offering a glimpse into Tumblr’s future — the blogging site Automattic acquired from Verizon in 2019. On the Evening Standard’s “How to be a CEO” podcast, the WordPress founder offered a vision of Tumblr’s future direction, including its embrace of open source, plans for algorithmic choice, and use of AI technologies, among other things.

Chrome’s sidebar apps are the best new productivity feature no one’s talking about

Get vertical tabs, ChatGPT shortcuts, searchable bookmarks, and more.

Microsoft Might Try and Stick AI Into MS Paint

The company is reportedly also considering adding AI capabilities to default Microsoft apps akin to what iOS and Android phones already have.

WordPress: Roadmap to 6.4

WordPress 6.4 is set to be released on November 7, 2023, with new features aim to be added, like font management and a new default theme, and gaps filled in current functionality, like more tooling to go further with designs.

Microsoft’s AI-powered design tool is now widely available in Edge

Edge users in the US can now access Microsoft Designer from the browser’s sidebar.  

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