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Adobe’s Firefly generative AI tools are now widely available

Firefly-powered features like Photoshop’s Generative Fill tool are now out of beta. Adobe is also introducing a new bonus scheme to pay its stock contributors for helping to train its AI models.

Inside Adobe’s strategy to rule generative AI

Adobe made the decision to not be first in the AI race, but that puts a lot of pressure on it to be the best.

is AI Better at picking and pairing fonts than you?

Picking and pairing fonts really well is hard. It takes a lot of time too, especially if you don’t have experience with it. Can AI tools help you do this task better and quicker? Can it teach you how to do it well, if you’re less experienced?

9 new revelations about Elon Musk from Walter Isaacson’s biography

The explosive new book sheds new light on Musk’s tumultuous tenure at Twitter, and offers some eye-popping details about his personal life.

What Size Is My Browser

Understanding the size of your browser is essential for both website developers and users, as it can impact the overall user experience and the way a website is displayed.

TikTok Officially Launches In-App Shopping Feature

TikTok opened its shop feature to all users after testing the option in November of last year.

Apple has an iPhone event problem

The products themselves remain as exciting as ever, but the spectacle of the launch has become pretty predictable. (Of course, this could be the year Apple proves us wrong).

AI voices are taking over the internet

I made a bot that sounds almost exactly like me. It was easier and better than I expected. Is this cool or terrifying?

Top No Code Tools

TopNoCode.Tools is a vast directory of no-code solutions, helping individuals and businesses find the perfect tool for their needs. Our vision is to introduce users to the diverse array of no-code tools available.

Polaroid I-2 – The first analog instant camera with built-in manual controls

It’s the first analog instant camera with built-in manual controls. Pair it with the sharpest-ever Polaroid lens and the unique chemistry of Polaroid film, and you have an instant craft tool made for the tactile, creative pursuit of analog photography.

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