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15 Best New Fonts, January 2023

Your choice of typeface significantly impacts the tone of voice your designs adopt. Heritage, ambition, freshness, energy, utility and more can all be communicated with the right font. And so, every month, we put together this roundup of the 15 best new fonts we’ve found on the web in the previous four weeks. Enjoy!

Bringing Letters to Life: Coding a Kinetic SVG Typography Animation

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to recreate a captivating motion type effect using SVG and GreenSock.

This Product Does Not Exist

Inspired by thispersondoesnotexist, This Product Does Not Exist is all about generating random product names, taglines, and description based on your input.

Awesome Demos Roundup #23

The latest compilation of innovative and captivating demos and code experiments from the web.

The end of Lorem Ipsum? Using ChatGPT for your UX writing needs

ChatGPT can write contextually appropriate copy for your prototypes at lightning speeds.

10 Ideas for Using ChatGPT as a Web Designer

ChatGPT might be one of the most talked-about tools of 2023 so far. It has academics worried about cheating in classrooms, writers worried about their jobs, and everyone concerned about the authenticity of online interactions.

ChatGPT Prompts Examples for Web Designers

This page features a curated collection of ChatGPT prompts, each designed to inspire and challenge web designers to think outside the box and push the boundaries of their skills.

Font agreements are messy

This instalment of Creative Monologue has some irony, as I raise the question about tinkering font agreements non-exploitatively. Unlike breaking design rules for innovation, how do we not break moral codes when it comes to font usage?

Midjourney vs Dalle: what’s the best AI for UI Design?

Yes, emerging technology known as text-to-image (T2I) AI can create images from words. This means an AI can attempt to produce UI work if we prompt it properly. And at the very least, it can produce inspiration for our work.

CLI Productivity Tool Powered by OpenAI

A command-line interface productivity tool for developers powered by OpenAI’s Chat GPT-3, will help you accomplish your tasks faster and more efficiently. Forget about cheat sheets and notes, with this tool you can get answers right in your terminal.

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