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UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #40

Discover new user interface animations and interactive designs in our latest collection.

Exciting New Tools for Designers, February 2024

2024 is well underway and shaping up to be an interesting year. So, to help you keep your focus on working hard and getting stuff done, we’ve collected another bunch of helpful bits and pieces from across the web.

Mozilla’s new service tries to wipe your data off the web

Firefox Monitor is now Mozilla Monitor as the company introduces a new Plus paid subscription.

The Art of Engineering AI Prompts

Whether you’re generating content, solving complex data problems, or creating stunning digital art, the quality of the outcomes you receive is directly influenced by the prompts you provide.

Wireframe Examples

Wireframe-Examples offers an extensive collection of perfectly structured, high-level wireframes to inspire and expedite your next project, ensuring you never waste time coming up with component arrangements again.

State of Email 2024

Discover success strategies and insight of 250+ email experts. Learn what worked best for conversion in 2023 and predictions for 2024. Get industry benchmarks to measure performance…

Biggest collection of CSS gradients

Powered by a community of creative people, dozens of new gradients are created everyday.

Peter Yang’s 10 rules for making products that customers love

Product lead Peter Yang taps into his decade-plus career to explain why staying focused on the craft is a product manager’s superpower.  

Adobe throws XD overboard after losing out on $20bn Figma deal

It’s not a temper tantrum, it’s a business strategy…

Shakker.Ai – Turn your imagination into images, in seconds

AI image generation doesn’t have to be clunky when you use Shakker. Whether you want to create images, change styles, combine components, or inpaint any parts, Shakker makes it smoother than ever for you with prompt suggestion and precise designs.

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