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Discover June 2024’s Best New Fonts

Welcome to our roundup of the best new fonts we’ve found online in the last month. This month, there are notably fewer revivals and serifs and a lot more chunky sans serifs than usual. Enjoy!

Best Figma Mockups Collection: Devices, Print, Products & More

Figma has revolutionized the design world with its real-time collaboration and seamless design process. However, presenting your designs effectively often requires high-quality mockups that showcase your work in a realistic context.

Premium Creative Illustrations for Designers

Every illustration and style included in this library has been carefully designed based on market research, this is simply what UI and UX designers are looking for

Boosting AI Tools in 2024

The phrase “work smarter, not harder” has new meaning in today’s digital world powered by AI. Because you can now double and triple your productivity with just a few AI tools.

Find any font from any image

Upload an image, and our AI-powered font finder will match it with over 990K+ fonts, including both commercial and free options. We’ll then show you more than 60 similar fonts.

Creating Fullscreen Animations with CSS Grid and GSAP Flip

A grid animation based on Rémi Clauss’ concept where grid items move to a specific position relative to their initial one.

Best Free Tools for Remote Team Collaboration

The answer lies in team collaboration software. These simple but powerful aids act as bridges that allow designers, clients, and stakeholders to share their thoughts in a way that help minimize misunderstandings. You can use them to transform abstract ideas into tangible changes and refine concepts with clear direction.

Responsive posters in CSS

The other day I spotted these lovely VHS posters and wondered how you might make that slanted background pattern there with just CSS. So I took a crack at it and got pretty close:

Must-Have Tools for Designers

In this month’s roundup of the best tools for web designers and developers, we’ll explore a range of new and noteworthy tools designed to enhance various aspects of your daily tasks. Whether you’re looking to balance your work and life more effectively, find inspiration for web interactions, or streamline your development process, there’s something here for everyone.

Fresh UI Interaction & Animation Ideas

Check out our latest motion design collection, featuring the best selections from Dribbble to spark your creativity.

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