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10 Links To Create a Design Concept. Illustrations. Part Three

This is the highly awaited third part about illustrations — another option to diversify your content to create a design concept. We kindly remind you to check out Part One and Part Two before reading this article, there are a lot of interesting links there — take a look.

Make Logo AI – Unique HD logos generated by AI

Stuck between using a Flaticon generic icon or paying an expensive designer? MakeLogoAI generates unique logos, specifically tailored for your startup.

Easy Mockup Figma Plugin

Plugin to Figma that allows transformation of the image in perspective. This tool could be used for creating mockups for laptops, phones & banners.

Young designers can deal with rejection better

If design teams had a ceremonial initiation process, watching a stakeholder trash something that you’ve spent countless hours building would be it. But rejection is inescapable when we’re making multiple variants for every module of every single project, perpetually.

This mind-boggling optical illusion claims to reveal a whole new colour

Stare long enough and you should be able to see a shade of orange that isn’t there and which, according to the illusion’s creator, can’t actually be shown on a screen. Confused? I certainly am. This could be one for our pick of must-see optical illusions and the best optical illusions of the year.

How to create a more effective homepage

Many (most?) websites, especially for early and growth-stage companies are ineffective. They don’t tell visitors who the product is for, what the product does, and why the product is better. When your homepage content and copy miss the mark, your conversion rate suffers, and all of your top of funnel efforts are wasteful.

From type to logotype

Ah yes, the perennial question (or argument depending on your point of view) that provides endless nourishment for the design Twitterati and design influencers. It’s a moot discussion, of course, because—surprise—logos matter, maybe now more so than ever. Now that I’m on my soapbox, I’d like to argue that case, and explain through my own creative process how a successful logo is created, from the initial sketch right through to…

MagicStock by Aimages – Convert descriptions to images with transparent background

Less searching, more creating. All your transparent background images in one place. Use AI to create unlimited high-quality and unique images with transparent backgrounds by just describing them.

How Spotify Designed a New Homepage Experience

When our team started working on the homepage, which is the landing page of our website, we found that an overwhelming majority of people who visit want to listen to audio directly on the site (i.e., they’re looking for the web player). But, they had trouble finding it and were frustrated with the amount of friction it took to listen to anything.

Insights from reviewing my readers’ one hundred and thirty-eight UX portfolios

Out of the 138 portfolios submitted, 125 was screened. If you’re part of the 13 that I didn’t review, it’s because you’re a UX writer, UX engineer or a UX consultancy business. I do not have the expertise to review portfolios for writers and engineers, and reviewing UX businesses is something I would not do for free (sorry).

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