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After Its $20 Billion Windfall Evaporated, Figma Picks Up the Pieces

“It really does feel like the rug got pulled out from underneath you,” said Jason Pearson, who left Figma in 2021 and owns company stock.

Monotype partners with Sharp Type to add 27 font families to library

Boutique digital type foundry at the vanguard of contemporary typeface culture and design finalises asset sale today.  

State of Email 2024

Discover success strategies and insight of 250+ email experts. Learn what worked best for conversion in 2023 and predictions for 2024. Get industry benchmarks to measure performance…

The Feature Trap: Why Feature Centricity Is Harming Your Product

Most product teams commonly adopt a feature-centric mindset, finding them convenient for brainstorming, drafting requirement documents, and integrating into backlogs and ticketing systems. In this article, Andy Budd shows how fixation with features might be holding you back and how making a few small tweaks to your process could make an entire world of difference.

Peter Yang’s 10 rules for making products that customers love

Product lead Peter Yang taps into his decade-plus career to explain why staying focused on the craft is a product manager’s superpower.  

How to Sell Canva Templates in WordPress (Beginner’s Guide)

Many people are willing to pay for design templates to save them time. Canva templates are easy to design and sell, making them a highly profitable way to make money online without much effort on your part.

The Cost of Personalization

We make upward of 35,000 decisions each day, requiring mental energy that often leaves us feeling drained.1 AI-powered personalization promises a solution to decision fatigue that’s custom tailored to our preferences.

Value pricing for Dev Tools: a strategy beneficial for both sides

All around me in the world of developer-facing tools, I’ve noticed folks struggling with the name issue: pricing. In this post, I’ll look at different pricing models and explain how value pricing can offer a win-win path forward for everyone.

Why your UX Portfolio is not getting interviews in 2024? Do’s & Don’ts!

Consider this: What’s your unique UX superpower? What’s the one trait that makes you irresistible to potential interviewers? For those fortunate to have a track record of successful products at renowned companies, a portfolio website might seem like a “just for fun” move.

This tool could “fully shield” artists from AI scraping their artwork

While other existing tools allow artists to “poison” a dataset once their image is scraped, lets artists completely fly under the radar of AI models.

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