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The negative impact of persuasive design

Why the discussion around the detrimental impact on the user and the environment is non-existent.

We’re turning designers into factory workers

Considering the availability of modern tools and recent advancements in governance (design systems), one might think designers could relax and enjoy some leisure time. Surprisingly, that’s not the case. In fact, it feels like designers have even less time than before. As we’re frantically pushing towards an auto-governed future, we ought to stop and think about our purpose as designers.

Why NASA Chose WordPress for Revamping Its Flagship Website

NASA has removed the beta label from the new website, which was launched on WordPress, replacing Drupal as the CMS. After a lengthy process, which required 18 months of active web development, data migration, and content building, NASA has emerged with modernized flagship and science websites, showcasing the innovation and discoveries that have defined the agency for more than 65 years.

Why Gen Z is obsessed with the Duolingo Owl

Duo’s popularity has exploded on the internet: The owl has nearly 8 million followers on TikTok. Now get ready for the owl to haunt your Halloween.

Microsoft launches new web app store for Windows

Microsoft has rebuilt its web version of the Microsoft Store from the ground up with a new UI and easier ways to find apps.

Patreon, redesigned – a new brand identity built for, and with, creators

We are working on a logo creation tool that will enable any creator to craft their own, bespoke version of the Patreon logo that incorporates colors, textures, and motion from their own work. Creators will also be able to leverage our color language on Patreon to personalize their digital space to better fit their aesthetic and identity.

Here’s Some Feedback On Your Feedback

I posted designer Milton Glaser’s famous poster of Bob Dylan on LinkedIn. But there was a twist. It was a version of the poster showing all the ways today’s colleagues and clients provide feedback. Usually on a collaborative platform like Google docs.

Getty Images CEO Craig Peters has a plan to defend photography from AI

Getty’s entire brand is built on authenticity. CEO Craig Peters sat down with us at Code to talk about how the company is dealing with AI and disinformation.  

How a font website dishonestly earns money

An examination of Fontesk’s deceptive font distribution practices, and how type designers can safeguard their typographic creations from exploitation.

LinkedIn’s top career tips, now brought to you by AI

A virtual coach can offer leadership insights and advice, along with links to relevant LinkedIn Learning videos

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