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Can you melt eggs? Quora’s AI says “yes,” and Google is sharing the result

Incorrect AI-generated answers are forming a feedback loop of misinformation online.  

Print’s not dead: the best magazines for graphic design inspiration

Sit back, relax and reacquaint yourselves with the joys of devouring a beautifully designed print magazine. We present a selection of the best titles on sale today. Releases its New Font Family ALT Riviera’s website just got a HUGE new update! Equipped with a number of fantastic features, you can also find a healthy new font release in collaboration with London-based type designer Giulia Boggio

Clean Code Is Killing Your Projects

Everyone wishes they were able to write cleaner code, but sometimes going back and refactoring code so it is cleaner is actually a bad idea. In this video I talk about the hidden cost of refactoring and some tips on how to do it right.

Firefox 118 is out with auto web translation, video effects, fonts improvements, and more

Firefox 118 is now available for all users in the Release Channel. The latest feature update introduces several important changes, such as automated web content translation with local processing, font improvements, video effects support in Google Meet, and add-on suggestions for Firefox Suggest users in the United States. There are also traditional security fixes to make your browsing experience safer.

SVG Waves Generator

With this tool, designers and developers can create beautiful and dynamic wave patterns that can be used as a css wave background element, as an overlay effect, or as part of a more complex graphic design project.

macOS Sonoma Review: Small moves

macOS Sonoma is an update that feels small—but in all the best ways. Upgrading it won’t change how you look at your Mac, at least not at first. This means that if you’re desperate for change to longstanding features of macOS, you will not find what you’re looking for in macOS Sonoma. I suspect, however, that most Mac users just want incremental improvements without disruptive changes. Slow and steady wins…

Five Takeaways from my Microsoft Design Internship

From September to December 2022, I had an opportunity to do an internship at Microsoft as a Visual User Experience Designer with the Nuance Customer Engagement R&D team. In this article, I would like to share key takeaways that I have learned from being a part of a fantastic team.

How to choose fonts for responsive web interfaces

A checklist for making good type decisions for user interfaces

25 fun facts about Google offices and data centers

From our AI research center in Ghana to our beehives in the Googleplex, take a tour of our offices and data centers around the world.

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