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Freepik AI image generator

The AI Image Generator is a new digital art tool that allows you to create unique images using your words. All you have to do is to type a text in the search bar, and you’ll have stunning images in one of the available art styles.

Why use motion in your designs?

Motion design is like a magic wand that brings static objects to life. It’s a fascinating form of animation that combines graphic design elements to create visually captivating and dynamic content. You can find it all around you, from websites to mobile applications and even in videos.

Apple’s WWDC 2023 Animated ‘AR Experience’ Now Live

To view the AR experience, open up the Apple Events website on an iPhone or iPad and tap on “View the AR experience

Transform your designs with these simple Typography tips

I wanted to share some tried and tested tips that will enable you to work with typography more confidently on your next project.

Design Risks: How to Assess, Mitigate, and Manage Them

The risk-management process enables teams to assess risks during the design process in order to reduce harm to users and to the organization. Risk mitigation involves systematically reducing the likelihood or the impact of a risk.

4 Levels of Grids for Web Designers

Grids are a fundamental component of any design practice, and especially so when designing things for screens. There are (at least) four levels of grid use in interaction design.

Dynamic Interfaces

What if a UI could design itself?

We Got an Invite to Google’s Design Lab, Where There’s a Library of More Than 1,000 Swatches

Peep the living room–like lounges.

The new Google Authenticator logo is brightening up my life

The new design for the app was announced recently and the fresh design (see above, right) is now rolling out across devices.

W3C Launches Beta Of New Website Redesign

The World Wide Web Consortium launches a public beta preview of their redesigned website

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