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The excellent Arc browser is now available for anyone to download

It’s still Mac and iOS only, at least for now. But it’s one of the best new browsers in years, and it’s finally ditching the waitlist.  

Think inside the box: How accessibility shapes digital product design

How constraints ignite creativity, spark innovation, and why accessibility is a uniquely effective constraint everyone should embrace.

Olympic torch unveiled for Paris 2024

French designer Mathieu Lehanneur has revealed his design for the 2024 Paris Olympic torch.

Clement Cases’ new typeface is both eccentric and legible as he creates with designers in mind

The London-based designer takes inspiration from the arts and unusual moments around the city to create a uniquely familiar typeface.

3 Essential Design Trends, August 2023

There’s an overall movement in website design right now where there are no dominant hero image or video on the homepage. Look at some of your most visited websites, and you might see this trend in action. You’ll surely see it among the three other trends we explore in website design here.

Recreating YouTube’s Ambient Mode Glow Effect

Discover with Adrian what’s behind the charming glow effect on Youtube and how you can use it to make your own videos more immersive. Deconstruct YouTube’s “Ambient Mode” feature and learn how HTML <canvas> and the requestAnimationFrame function are used to create this glowing effect.

Twitter’s rebrand to X is destined to fail, critics say

Tech companies can’t compel people to change what they call platforms. Ask Facebook.

Generative AI Experiments with Midjourney

One of our recent favorites is a series of experiments utilizing a generative AI tool called Midjourney. With the uncanny ability to turn imagination into reality, this tool interprets prompts based on popular movies such as The Warriors or iconic video games like Final Fight, generating detailed, vivid images that exceed expectations.

Does X mark the spot? How the creative industry feels about Twitter’s rebrand

As we say goodbye to Twitter and its famous blue bird today, how does the design industry feel about the rebrand? Is it the final nail in the coffin for the social network? A colossal branding disaster? Or the start of a much-needed new chapter? We asked the creative community for their thoughts.  

Musk’s Twitter Rebranding as X Is Off to a Confusing, Haphazard Start

Over the weekend, Elon Musk issued the unexpected fiat via late-night/early-morning tweetstorm (x-storm?) that Twitter would now be known as X — complete with a new X logo that has replaced the bonny blue birdie on the service’s website.

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