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Apple is losing its industrial design boss . . . again

With Evans Hankey’s departure, is design being demoted at the world’s most storied design-led company?

How to Write Good Error Messages

Write error messages in clear and simple language. The user should be able to understand the problem while reading an error message. If the error message is ambiguous and the user is not able to find the reason for the message, then it is of no use. Users cannot do anything to fix the problem and it badly impacts the experience of the product.

Automatically create images using dynamic data

Add images to your emails or website, using data stored within your Email Service Provider or database  

Adobe Gets Into the Generative AI Image Game

With DALL-E and others making splashes in text-to-image generation, Adobe shows that the company is finally is putting some of its own resources into the new tech.

New Brutalism and web accessibility: what you need to know

New Brutalism is a trend that has been growing in popularity over the past several years. A rejection of the sleek and modernist style of buildings that came out of the post-war era, Brutalism is more raw and unrefined.

New patterns for amazing apps

Dive into a fantastic collection of new patterns for amazing apps, including clipboard patterns, file patterns, and advanced app patterns.

UI/UX Case Study: Bakery Website — A popular London bakery chain gets a new website

This is the abridged version of the inspiring story of Barney and Gabriel, the brothers behind buns from home. Their story deserves to be told in full and they deserve a place online where people can easily find them and instantly fall in love with their delicious creations.

Screenit Labs — a UX/UI case study

In this article, I will share the key activities and difficulties I encountered during my work. So, this is my Final Project. I performed end-to-end processes from Research to Prototype. I hope you enjoyed lot… Let’s get started.

Well explained- Why Angular JS is the most popular framework?

A JavaScript based open source framework- Angular JS is preferably that most used one for building web applications. Basically it was introduced to rectify the most critical challenges in single page applications.

Dark mode UI design best practices

Dark Mode has swallowed the world. It’s probably the most requested feature in any app or website, and every designer’s passion project. Let’s dive deep into its benefits, disadvantages, and what you should consider when creating a dark theme.

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