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Android Auto’s Makeover Is Now Available for Everyone

It’s rolling out as part of Google’s CES 2023 announcements. There’s a new media handoff feature coming to Android, too.    

How good are ChatGPT’s UX writing skills?

A test and analysis of ChatGPT’s UX Writing skills, its responses, and a demonstration of how it should be conducted.

What is a Design System?

WHAT IS a design system? You’ve probably heard lots about them. You may have even worked on one, but you still struggle to define it. There are many great design system books out there. Let’s see what their authors have to say about design systems:

A Guide To Getting Data Visualization Right

In this article, Sara Dholakia presents a guide on how to choose just the right type of data visualization, with guidelines and things to keep in mind.

Navigating the AI revolution: how designers can stay competitive

Artificial intelligence is changing how we design and the skills required to succeed in the design industry. This article will explore the impact AI has on design and how designers can prepare for the future.

Introducing Slack Meet, a new feature to collaborate swiftly & effortlessly

In this article, I’ll show you how Slack users will able to Connect & Collaborate Better within the Slack App.

TikTok creators will soon by able to make content available to adults only

TikTok announced that the platform will be expanding its audience controls feature, now allowing creators to restrict their videos to adults-only audiences.

Design Systems at Alibaba

How we built an RTL-first design system and maintained it during a major redesign.

What does it look like for the web to lose?

Why do companies like Apple and Google want you to write native apps over web apps? I can’t pretend to know the minds of entire industry giants, but control seems like one easy answer.

UX Audit 101: A step by step guide for conducting a UX review with checklist and tips

Need help with a UX review of a digital product, site or app

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