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Toblerone to use “streamlined” logo after it loses iconic Swiss mountain

As the brand partially moves production to Slovakia, it will no longer be able to use its logo – in use since 1970 – under “Swissness” legislation.

How I made over $5000 last year from design articles*

If you’re a designer looking to expand your reach and connect with a larger audience, you may be wondering if it’s possible to make money from your writing skills. A good approach to doing this is by publishing articles on Medium.

Boost Your Productivity in 2023 with the Best AI Tools

In this article, we’ll explore the best AI productivity tools available today. We’ll cover their features, benefits, and use cases, so you can make an informed decision about which tool is right for you.

Should User Experience Designers Be Aware of Psychology?

Products are built by people for people. To do it right, UX designers must have a genuine interest in human psychology – to understand the emotions and motivations behind users’ actions.

Share and discover AI Prompts

Use AI Prompts to help with coding, marketing, research, product management, and much more.

Canva is Afraid of This New Tool That Just Came Out!

Your branding may be polished with a few clicks and swipes using online graphic design tools like Canva and Adobe. But what if you could create a professionally designed artwork from a blank canvas with just a few words?

Experience can’t be designed: free yourself from UX*

Forget your title, this is about how to work cross-functionally and make an impact. “UX design” was a necessary variation, but now it boxes us in. You can practice the same skills but reformat your communications.

Livestream Ecommerce Supports Both Goal-Oriented and Impulsive Shoppers

On ecommerce apps, livestream helps answer user questions in real time. On social-networking apps, it encourages shopping as a new way of entertainment.

NoCodeNinja: Ultimate No-Code Tools

No-Code Ninja: 780+ no-code tools for startups. Marketing, design, finance and more. Easy-to-use interface and organized categories. Try free version with 110+ tools or upgrade to pro for 380+.

Case study Wellness App: 8´Clock eight hours of leisure.

Ironhack challenged us to create a Wellness app to understand people’s relationship with mental, physical and emotional wellbeing and develop a tool to drive them to action.

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