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Artists are concerned about Adobe Illustrator’s new AI features

“They’ve created a way to stop Adobe Illustrator users creating things in Adobe Illustrator.”

Adobe released a super icon to combat misinformation. It may just confuse things more

A new ‘icon of transparency’ is here to certify real images and brands from forgeries and AI creations. It has high-profile partners and corporate buy-in—but also a slew of challenges.

Dropbox redesigns its web interface and releases AI-powered Dash in open beta

Its Dropbox AI tool is also expanding to cover more content, and there’s a new Dropbox Studio feature for managing video projects.

Adobe’s Project Fast Fill is generative fill for video

Project Fast Fill simply lets editors remove objects from a video or change backgrounds as if they were working with a still image, all with a simple text prompt. Users only have to do this once and the edit will then propagate to the rest of the scene. Adobe says this even works in very complex scenes with changing lighting conditions.

Adobe Firefly can now generate more realistic images

According to Adobe, the Firefly Image 2 Model, as it’s officially called, will be better at rendering humans, for example, including facial features, skin, body and hands (which have long vexed similar models).

Adobe Firefly’s generative AI models can now create vector graphics in Illustrator

Adobe describes the new model as “the world’s first generative AI model focused on producing vector graphics.” Like Firefly for creating images and photos, Firefly for Illustrator will be able to create entire vector graphics from scratch.

Your Google Chrome tabs are a mess — this new ‘auto organization’ tool may fix ’em for you

The search engine tech giant is reportedly working on a new experimental feature that automatically groups and categorize the plethora of tabs that overwhelm your browsing experience.    

We need to have “The Talk”

Generative AI raises legal and ethical issues for all of us

Latest Photoshop AI is truly next level, treating flat objects as layers [Video]

The feature is known as an object-aware editing engine, but colloquially referred to as Project Stardust. If it lives up to its promise, you can send the lasso tool into retirement, as it’s intended to automate the selection of image components.

Microsoft launches new web app store for Windows

Microsoft has rebuilt its web version of the Microsoft Store from the ground up with a new UI and easier ways to find apps.

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