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The 20 Most Controversial Logos of All Time (Ranked)

When you hire graphic designers to create your company’s logo, what do you expect? Professional designs, culturally sensitive icons, creativity, and originality don’t sound like too big an ask. Unfortunately, these brands got more than they bargained for.

Akiyoshi’s illusion pages

This page contains some works of “anomalous motion illusion”, which might make sensitive observers dizzy or sick. Should you feel dizzy, you had better leave this page immediately.

Use These Fonts to Help Remember What You Study

While I generally recommend taking notes by hand, there are some benefits to modernizing your practice and taking them on the computer, too. One way digital notes can really help you remember what you’re studying is by paying attention to the fonts you use.

DevHunt – Open source Product Hunt for dev tools

As a software developer, you’ve probably struggled to get your dev tool seen among a sea of unrelated products. That’s why we created DevHunt – a platform made specifically with developers in mind. It’s also Open Source.

B612 Font Family

B612 is an highly legible open source font family designed and tested to be used on aircraft cockpit screens.

Shadergradient 1.0 – Create beautiful moving gradients on Framer and Figma

ShaderGradient is a design tool to create beautiful moving gradients. Make stunning visuals by adding natural movements and effects to the gradient. It’s available on your favorite tools, like Framer, Figma, and React.

Typography Trends in Web Design 2023

In 2023, the web typography world has enjoyed an explosion of creativity. Richer typefaces, 3D styles, bold fonts, and various other interesting typography trends have taken over the world of web design.

Collective #782

A mind-bending immersive website that blends amazing 3D animations with well crafted design elements. Hats off to the Lusion team for this epic work!

Netlify announces SDK to accelerate Web Development for Enterprises

Netlify, the leading platform for modern web development, today announced the general availability of the Netlify Software Development Kit (SDK), a suite of innovative tools designed to provide technology partners, web development agencies, and customers with custom integration development capabilities.

Added Fonts: The Confusing New Change in Adobe Fonts

Back in July, and without fanfare, Adobe implemented a significant change in how the Creative Cloud Adobe Fonts service works. A new category of fonts called “Added Fonts” appeared in the Creative Cloud desktop app and Adobe Fonts website. So, now you’ll see four categories: Added Fonts, Installed Fonts, Removed Fonts, and Uploaded Fonts.

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